If you’ve never seen Replusion and you live in the NYC area, you must now! Especially now that it’s playing at the Film Forum for the next 2 weeks and it’s newly 35mm restored.    Roman Polanski’s 1965 film shows us the world of ultra chic Catherine Deneuve’s character during a menacing and terrifying time alone in her flat.   Barricading herself indoors after an abusive phone call, she catches
someone’s reflection in a mirrored door — then the walls tear open,
grabbing hands reach through them, and flies gather in the wake of her
would-be boyfriend and buttinsky landlord’s unwanted intrusions. It will psychologically mess with your mind like no other.     "Excruciatingly tense and frightening.. If you’re too scared to look, you can still hear the slashing sounds."   I’ve been more and more influenced by film as time goes on, so if you’re looking to see some amazing cinematography (dont even get me started on the lighting), see it. 

Film Forum @ 209 West Houston Street  – April 21-May 4 – $10
For more information:

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