Mars & Ladytron

Tonight we went to Mars (again) and there were 2 martians there.  The male one (who is very sweet) gave us both balloons.  The female martian is adorable and has great shoes.  I wish we didn’t have anywhere to go afterwards or I would have liked to take my $15 cheeseburger home that I took 3 bites out of. :(   The pickle was good though. I had Matthews too.   Afterwards, we went to see Ladytron @ Webster Hall.  We haven’t been to a show in so long and it was much fun.  We danced, sang and had fun.  Afterwards, I had peanut butter cups.

101_3398  101_3401_1

101_3410 101_3427

One thought on “Mars & Ladytron

  1. Ladytron is love.
    I’ve never had the chance to see them live, but I’ve heard mixed reports of them being great and them being horrible on stage. Which is it?

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