YO, I'll tell you what I want

1) I never thought David Beckham was anything special, but in the recent days, I have changed my mind.  The clothes make a big difference, but I have decided he’s rather visually delightful.

2) This post was originally only supposed to be about the greatest musical group ever, but then I went on a Beckham craze and decided they should be together for obvious reasons.  I love the Spice Girls.   I always have.   They should do a reunion tour.  You know you would go too.  I always liked Posh and Baby.  They were my favs. SPICE UP YOUR LIFE IS THE BEST!

6 thoughts on “YO, I'll tell you what I want

  1. The Spice Girls are the best, I was a massive fan! I had everything that was to do with the Spice Girls. I didn’t even know they made it big in the USA!

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