Basil, Bacon, Tomato Sandwich

This is what we had for dinner tonight! It tasted like a gourmet sandwich, but more special because all the vegetables were picked a little before this. :)

What you need:

photo 1.JPG

Slices of tomatoes – about 5 per sandwich.

photo 2.JPG

For this I went to my current tomato stash… ;)

photo 3.JPG

About 5 basil leaves per sandwich.

photo 4.JPG

Some nice bread – here is french sourdough.

Put everything on the bread, add a piece of cheese if you’d like, sprinkle some salt and pepper.

Then make some bacon – about 2-3 slices per sandwich. For mine I made turkey bacon.  TADA!

photo 5.JPG

It was delicious!


photo 1.JPG

What to serve on the side? Well garden fresh vegetables of course.. so good.

photo 2.JPG

Bon appetite!

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