Pinto Beans Soup

I saw this recipe while doing my nightly blog crawl in bed last night, and my stomach was set on having pinto beans for dinner the following day.  So pinto beans it is!

This recipe will be for spicy pinto beans – think Mexican style.  You can eat as a soup, with some bread, or you can serve on tacos/nachos.  What’s better is this will make a big batch so you have lunch for the next few days… and it’s pretty cheap to make!


4 cups dry pinto beans

.5 pounds ham – diced

2 green peppers – diced

2 jalapenos – diced

1 roma tomato – diced

3 tablespoons minced garlic

sea salt to taste

black pepper to taste

2 teaspoons chili powder

few coriander seeds




Grab your green vegetables and let’s go! (yes I color coordinate them in the refrigerator).



You want to wash and drain your pinto beans.  We aren’t going to soak them, we’re going to go straight to boiling/simmering after washing.


Cut up your ham.  It can be ham hock, regular ham, bacon, etc.  I just used some ham I had frozen from a previous meal. I will dice it up.


Diced up.  During this time I will eat alot of it too.  See, I couldn’t keep my paws off.


Bring to a boil and then you will simmer it for 2 hours.  Keep a eye on it to make sure there is always water (about 1-2 inches extra) in the pot.


While the beans are simmering, I will start to cut up my vegetables so they’re all ready to go.  I add green peppers (2), tomatoes (1) and jalapenos (2). You can add onions too but they gross me out.


Our green pepper is so beautiful that we grew.


Here’s the cut up vegetables + minced garlic.  I will cover these and put these in fridge until the 2 hours is up with the beans.


Don’t forget to compost your scraps. :)


After 2 hours, add your peppers/tomatoes/garlic/onions.  Now you will simmer for 2 more hours..


During this time I play with my snuggle bear, Brother.


After the 2 hours, add your salt/pepper/chili powder/coriander and cook  until the beans are tender.  After about 45 minutes I took some beans out to test them.  Not too soft, not too firm.

So now it’s done.. what are you going to do?


I prefer mine as bean soup.. the broth is amazing. Sometimes I go back for seconds and just get broth.  I eat mine with a butter roll.


Matthew prefers his as a taco, on a soft tortilla, melted cheese on the bottom, fresh tomato salsa on top.



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