Goodbye Corn

So the corn has  been pulled out and planted with broccoli seeds for the eventual fall.  I will miss the tall corn fellows, they did great.

photo 3.JPG

So let’s pull them out.. please don’t cry.  I cry easily.

Look at how tall they grew, probably close to 8 feet high.

We got some delicious corn off them, probably the best corn I’ve tasted.  It was sweet and fresh.

photo 1.JPG


photo 4.JPG

Look at those roots growing up.  It’s pretty beautiful, and they’re so strong… almost feel like bamboo.

photo 2.JPG

Seriously, look at those roots!

photo 5.JPG

I was in charge of cutting everything up with clippers.  My arm was so sore afterwards I couldn’t move it.  We will compost this all.  We just bought a fancy new composter, more on that later.


photo 2.JPG

We added in some fresh manure and now it’s back to being a big mound.  Now for the broccoli..

photo 1.JPG
We just did did the Waltham kind.  The seller added in the Di Cicco kind to try too, but maybe later this year (it takes a shorter amount of time to harvest).

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