We got a new composter, it arrived this morning via Fedex.  It was very early, but we were very excited to get it.  This afternoon we brought it up to the roof and started it.

In the past we used worms, but this is a tumbler instead (no worms).

We added in our browns (cardboard, leaves, etc) and greens (food scraps), and then you latch it shut and spin it.  We’ll turn it daily but you can 3 times a week.  That’s it.  After about 6 weeks, you’ll have beautiful fertilizer for your garden.  The best part of this composter is the base will collect the liquids – the compost tea – a super fertilizer that plants love to drink.

You can buy one here if you want.

If it works out we will probably buy another, so we can always have one active and one collecting.

photo 5.JPG

Here is the amazing experience of seeing it during it’s first spin!

photo 1.JPG

First goes our greens, food scraps.. egg shells.. etc


photo 2.JPG

Then browns.. here are corn stalks and some cardboard that we wet (hence why the blue bucket looks dirty).


photo 4.JPG

It’s about 60% fill.  It’s BIG.


photo 3.JPG

There she is, a beauty.


It looks quite nice in the garden too.  I will update this in 6 weeks with hopefully good news!

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