Left Overs

The last week was all about leftovers.  Not in the negative sense either, more in the “I’m excited for dinner because we get to have roast beef sandwiches again!”. 

The roast beef sandwiches were such a big hit.  We had them for dinner 2.5 nights.  .5? Well the last night there was only enough for 1 person so I gave it to Matthew and settled on a grilled cheese.  The sandwiches were so good everytime Matthew talks about them he raises his hands to his mouth and kisses it.  They’re that good.

photo 1.JPG

As you can see from this picture I’m making pinto bean soup again as well.  It was basically my lunch last week (besides dinner too!).  Instead of diced ham I did a ham hock.  It’s currently simmering for the next 2 hours and then we’ll have a late dinner.  But I’m more excited for the afternoon soup this week….


And lastly, the parsley pesto is delicious with some egg noodles for lunch.  I’m going to make a big batch of it soon and freeze it with our garden herbs.

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