I can’t believe I never made a post about

I’ve been a member on since October and have made 28 orders in that time.  That’s quite alot.  It’s one of the best services online in my opinion.

Alice is named after “Alice” of the Brady Bunch.  From their About page:  “Let’s face it; you can probably think of a thousand things you’d rather do than drive to the store again and again for toilet paper, toothpaste, trash bags and the dozens of other home essentials that keep your home running. We can too. That’s why we started Alice.  The Internet has changed the way we shop for things like books, clothing, shoes and electronics. We buy online for the convenience and the power we have to get product reviews, choose brands, see price comparisons, and make better choices.  But when it comes to home essentials, we still trudge off to the store, load up the cart, and haul a trunk-load of stuff out the parking lot. Why? Because no one has come up with an efficient, cost-effective way to buy these goods online. Until now.”

So what is it in my own words? Alice is a online grocery store.  Think less milk and more household/drug store items.    So you can buy cat litter, paper towels, laundry detergent, toilet paper, etc.  Have a item that you don’t want to lug home from the store? Well Alice is here for you.  Here’s the kicker: FREE SHIPPING.  That’s right.  I’m not lying.  It’s always  been that way.    You can buy a small amount of items (minimum 6 which isn’t alot at all) or a ton, it doesn’t matter, shipping will be free.  It gets sent UPS and I usually get it in 2 days.  I love the box too, it always makes my package easy to find in the mailroom.

Bonus points for Alice:  They are cheap, they easily defeat Duane Reade/Walgreens/Supermarket prices here.  They ship everything super  nice, it always comes packaged like a pro.  All bottles that could leak are sealed shut and often in bags.  Their customer service is awesome, once I had a cat food can leak and they sent me a whole container of cat food, for free.  I love that they save your items in “My Products”  as I often buy the same products and now I don’t have to search, all my items are on the same page.  Also they let you automatically reorder items if you’d like to – need cat food every 3 weeks, ok well check that box, and here it comes, happy kitties!  Lastly, free samples! This is very random, sometimes you get free samples and sometimes you dont, but I’ve gotten everything from drink bottles to pita chips to rust removal powder.  Who doesn’t like a free sample (which is usually a full size item).

Try Alice next time you don’t want to run out.  I think you’ll be obsessed.  :)

Here’s a package I got today:

photo 1.JPG

Let’s look inside.

photo 2.JPG

It’s all packed tight and nice.

photo 3.JPG

Laundry detergent it sealed shut and inside a bag.

photo 4.JPG

Dish soap is sealed shut too.

photo 1.JPG

The exciting Free Samples bag! I love seeing these.

photo 2.JPG

Pita chips!  NOM NOM NOM!

photo 5.JPG

As you can see, I hardly ordered anything (6 items) but it was free shipping.  Easiest part, I didn’t have to leave my building!

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