We basically are dealing with a mini pumpkin patch in our garden right now.  The pumpkins have taken off for the races and they want to grow big.  They want to expand.  They want to take over Brooklyn.

photo 4.JPG

This was July 23.  And not even a month later…

This is today, August 17. Note how they said “see ya” to their boxes. 

photo 1.JPG

Let’s look at the pumpkins a little more..

photo 2.JPG

This was August 6.  And we were like “Oh look how big they are”.

photo 4.JPG

Then this was August 9 and we were like “Oh look how big they are”.

photo 3.JPG

This is today, the entire boxes are full.


photo 1.JPG

Then a few days ago we saw them start to escape…

photo 2.JPG

And now they’re running for it.  All 4 of them, they’re out.

photo 4.JPG

Inside, it’s just a jungle.  It’s so hard to see the water holes.

photo 2.JPGphoto 1.JPGphoto 1.JPG

A few females have already been found… Looking for boys.

photo 5.JPG

Check out the “walk way” that we use to walk in between them.  About to take over this too.

photo 2.JPG

Big beautiful pumpkin leaves.


See you later dudes.

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