This is a post dedicated to the peppers in my life.  Hurricane Irene really didn’t touch our peppers, she probably knew better. 

photo 5.JPG

Look at this beautiful green bell pepper.  Look at how massive in size it is too.  Glorious!

Let’s look at the peppers, and some new additions to the garden from the pepper family.

photo 2.JPG

So this is 2 pepper plants post hurricane.  Some of its leaves ripped but for the most part, untouched.  WHEW!

photo 3.JPG

All the peppers we have been getting have been hefty in size and delicious. 

photo 5.JPG

I left some of them turn to red while we were gone.  I ate 5 of these peppers one day for lunch.  I’m not sure if it’s safe to eat that many peppers, but it was really delicious.   I put tomato sauce on top. Oh my, SO GOOD.

photo 1.JPG

This is another pepper plant we started about a month (or so) ago.  These are Baby Belle salad peppers. 

photo 5.JPG

And lastly, here are some ornamental peppers. Some people say these are very hot, so I guess we’ll see.  None the less, they are very pretty and full of color.

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