5 weeks



What? Ok let me explain..

Our beans are having issues. Our beautiful bushy beans that were doing so well have suddenly turned crispy and lost it’s leaves. After going insane and trying to figure out what was wrong (too much water? not enough water? not enough nitrogen? not enough love (not possible on the last one)), we think we figured it out – too much sunlight. Last year I think we were in the 90’s one day all summer, this summer – almost everyday. Tomorrow is 100+. WTF. Now add that heat to a silver reflective roof and you’re going to get plants that are burning. Let me show you.


The beans have made us distraught. Yesterday we had lunch and we might as well have called it Operation Beans because it was the only thing we talked about. Yesterday we were approached by the only other gardener on our roof and same thing for him – burning and not growing tall – too much light/heat. So we’re blocking off the one side to give it some shade and see if that helps them. Let’s hope for the best..


Now on to better news…


Our first harvest – 1 strawberry. Kinda amazing to be honest considering that he strawberries were more of a experiment for us and we didn’t have high hopes. I have to tell you too – it was AMAZING, so sweet.


And now more have shown up too, more color to the garden = yay!


Tomatoes are doing lovely – probably about 25 tomatoes we see already. Nothing ripe yet, but getting big and strong.

Until next week.

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