Round 2 of the broccoli! It did good in the Spring, so now it’s time for the Fall…

The Broccoli seeds were planted a few weeks ago in early September.  We started with 9 plants which are contained in the sugar snap pea box.  Some of them weren’t looking so good, so we started 7 extra plants a few weeks later just as a backup.  Well turns out they turned themselves around so now everything looks good and we’re going to have 16 broccoli plants. :)

photo 1.JPG

Sometimes my nail polish matches the plants.

photo 4.JPG

Beautiful broccoli boy.

More broccoli talk behind the cut.

photo 3.JPG

The 9 broccoli plants in the pea box.. There’s some random sunflowers in there too.

photo 2.JPG

Here are the 7 extras ready to go…


And here’s 3 of the extra 7 planted.  We are putting them in the pumpkin containers as the pumpkins are pretty much done… (more on that  later of course!)

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