Green Beans

So Irene killed our scarlet runner beans.  But that’s ok Irene, I understand, you were having a bad week.  I’m not sure if that really means it’s ok to destroy our beans and our spice pumpkins causing me to cry, but ok, ok, I get it.  You = nature. Me = helpless. 

So Round 2 of the beans.. this time, green beans.

This is on Sept 4… starting to come up.

One day later on Sept 5..

And on September 24, they are already starting to climb themselves high.

More beans behind the cut.

This is what our beans looked like from Irene.  Everything was cracked.

So now Round 2..


Sept 16 here.


And earlier this week they’re all seen climbing up the poles.


It’s always a race to see who makes it to the top first.

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