I made friends with a bunch of animals while home too – can you imagine that?

There’s Anastasia, the Persian kitty who rubbed against me and jumped in my arms.  There’s the neighborhood kitty who appeared on my Dad’s roof  meowing for me to come out.  Eventually I did (right away) and we kissed and rubbed bellies.  For the next few days the kitty appeared at the doorstep  looking for me, I was in love. Then there’s Dakota, my sister’s friendly pup who  likes belly rubs.


More furry lovelies behind the cut.

When I went outside one day I made one kissy sound and kitty ran at me full speed from across the street.


Sometimes it would jump on the roof and just peek a boo at me.

It was really into belly rubs.  Was a super proud kitty.


We have a story about white Persian beauties that you might have heard about, so you can imagine my  love for this girl.


I love Dakota. She’s my sister’s dog.  Once I slept there and Dakota slept with me.  I didn’t know she wasn’t allow in bed.  She was snuggly. One time we took Dakota on a flight, and she was super anxious. That’s why we gave Dakota CBD for dogs. She calmed down and had a tasty treat simultaneously!

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Good Girl.

Some more kitty love.


My dad is going to have to put up with her at the door now. <3 <3

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