Halloween: Clowning Around

It’s probably no surprise that we are Halloween crazy.  The decorations, the treats.. then the costumes!  What are you doing this year? I made a list on Facebook of possible costumes but I finally decided: a clown.  Now, don’t get the wrong idea, we’re not talking cheap clown suit with horrible red wig… we’re talking a clown suit I bought off a real clown, a nickname I have created for  myself, and some tricks up  my sleeve (hehehe).  We have girls dress up as clowns alot in our work and I’m always incredibly jealous of that style, so I’m going to have alot of fun with this. 

My biggest obstacle so far was finding good clown shoes.  The only clown shoes I could find were either 1) ugly and plain 2) professional – I think spending $100 on halloween clown shoes might be too crazy (even though I thought about it).  So I decided to get some simple green ones and put  my own magic on it.  Clowns have to have happy feet!  Also, clown shoes are a bit hard to walk in, my cats are all scared of the sound of me walking around in them (because you know I did that all day long for fun).


photo 1.JPG


photo 1.JPG

More fun after the cut..

photo 3.JPG
It’s no surprise I enjoy dots, as you can tell from my socks today.. so I wanted the shoes to be festive with polka dots too!

photo 2.JPG
So the paints came out..

photo 4.JPG
I went with pink, yellow, orange and blue.  As you can tell by  my floor here we paint on it often.

photo 5.JPG
I had a old envelope sealer laying around so I used that.  Also a bingo dabber would work too!

photo 2.JPG
Painted hands means it was a success!

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