Herb Drying

I made a post here that I was obsessed with drying herbs.  Well I still am.
Today I cut down the basil plant for this year and with it, I have plenty of basil leaves to dry.
This is how I dry my herbs: Cut off plant (make sure to leave a little room down bottom to hang), Wash, Dry on paper towel for a few hours, Hang upside down for about 2 weeks, Pick stems off when dry, Put in food processer and turn on for 10 seconds – this will grind it, put in spice jar.  TA-DA.  This is so easy and you get so many fresh herbs to use year round now. :)   Every time you grab that bottle of ground up basil in January when it’s 20 degrees out you’ll smile because you’ll remember the summer growing it.

photo 5.JPG
This is a very small amount as this was my trial batch.  Worked perfectly so now my kitchen is full of drying herbs.  I’m drying basil right now but soon enough: oregano, rosemary and parsley.

photo 1.JPG

Basil that was just washed.

photo 4.JPG

The food processor continues to change my life.

photo 2.JPG

Some of the 8 batches I have hanging around.

2 thoughts on “Herb Drying

  1. bonjour:) an I wish you a Happy Birthday:)
    I always love coming at your blog I puted the link on my blog.I love recipes and cooking too. I dont have very much time for cooking healthy food but discovering this It make me think about it.I find wonderful that you are growing up your own vegetables.I wish I could do the same.I don’t understand everything because of my english but I’m loving discovering your blog.
    did you buy the basil or it growed up at your garden? I love basil smell it always reminds me of summer mediteranian holidays.

  2. Hi Louisa, thanks for the lovely birthday wish! :)

    All the herbs we plant in our garden, yesterday I cut down the basil plant so I’m drying out all the leaves on it. We also have some fresh plants that grow inside too. Eventually in the next few weeks, I will cut all the other herbs out of the garden and dry those too. Last night I made a super fresh soup where you could still smell the basil.. MMM! :)

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