Split Pea Soup

I’m waiting for the gas company to arrive  to turn our heat on, they do this every Fall/Winter.  I surprisingly called on Wednesday and got an appointment on Friday Morning.  They told me 8AM-1PM.  Ok, Ok.  So around 8:15AM I had this feeling that I might miss them so I got dressed to be prepared and was going to lay back in bed fully dressed.  Then suddenly the phone rang as I was pulling my shirt over my head.  Great timing!  So I answered and he said he would be right there.  Then 5  minutes later another person called back and said the technician had a “gas emergency” and it would be 1-2 hours.  But now I’m up… and still waiting.

Update:  He finally arrived.  He was very nice.  The heat is turned on.  Essy let him touch her probably because she realizes he’s the man who turns on the big metal box to blow out hot air so she can snuggle in front of it during the winter.  Also, somehow we got to talking about what we did for a living (because he asked).  Then suddenly I had his contact details outside of work and he was sitting on the floor next to me.  We were on his Youtube channel watching his portfolio of editing/camera work.  Then he invited me to a play he’s part of.  The guy can use Final Cut Pro and turn on our heat.  Magic Man.

Ok split pea soup time, this is 3/4 recipes that I planned on cooking this week.

My dad hates peas.  Hates them.  When he sees them he turns away and runs for the hills, which is sorta funny because he’s a big strong man’s man.  But he’s scared of peas.  Hi Dad.
This soup would terrify him, he’d probably start to hyperventilate and cry on the floor.  I would rub my hands together while laughing evilly.  Hi Dad.

Ok, this soup is super basic and super good.  It’s definitely going to be made again.  Also I will have it for lunch today too!

I got this recipe from here with multiple tweaks below.

  • 16 oz bag of dried split peas
  • 3 garlic gloves minced
  • 8 cups fat-free chicken broth
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 3 carrots – chop them up
  • 1 ham hock
  • salt/pepper to your liking

Wash peas and drain.  Saute together the garlic, carrots and olive oil.

Then add the peas, ham hock and your broth. Add salt/pepper.  Bring to a boil.

Once it boils, reduce the heat to about a 4 (slightly below  medium heat).  Don’t put on simmer or it will take forever. Then let it sit for 2 hours on 4 heat.  If the broth becomes too thick you might have to add water, but I didn’t have this problem.

For leftovers, it’s going to thicken up while sitting in the fridge.  Make sure to add a little extra chicken broth to it when heating it up to give  it a nice consistency. The “final” pictures here are actually of leftovers so you can see it holds up nicely.

photo 3.JPG



Recipe behind the cut.


photo 1.JPG

Here’s everything you need, simple, right? I used different kinds of broth to make 8 cups.  It’s fine.

photo 2.JPG

Oh, I have to chop carrots…

photo 3.JPG

Ok, sounds good for me.  Took 1 second.  My heavens.

photo 4.JPG

The carrots and garlic have a smell that I would like to bottle up and save. I would call it “Carrot Delight”.

photo 5.JPG

Add your peas.


Add that broth and ham hock.  It will give it a smoky taste.  When the soup is done, just throw it away.

Boil away and then keep on the burner for 2 hours. 

photo 2.JPG

Enjoy. So delicious.



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