Current Loves: Yogi Tea

Boys  might want to look away for a few minutes.  Girls might want to get ready to buy this.

2 things I have issues with:
Sleeping: My sleep schedule has always been fall asleep around 3/4AM.  Always, even when I was a kid.  Sometimes I want to go to bed early – at say midnight – but  my mind is active and travels.  Last night I was in bed trying to fall asleep and I remembered I forgot to clean a cat toy so I got up and cleaned it.  Then I remembered I didn’t put the brushes away from Halloween, so I did that.  Then I thought of a recipe so I grabbed for my iPhone.  I sleep with my iPhone next to us in bed.  Actually we both do.  It’s horrible. I check my email all the time and then I can’t fall back asleep.  Anyways, finally after giving up I remembered I had some Yogi Bedtime Tea saved up to try. So I made a cup and within 30 minutes I felt a little drowsy, I fell asleep pretty easily. 

That time of the month: Cramps – check.  Headaches – major check. I get headaches that knock me out and can cause tears of frustration.  It seems like nothing helps, not even some Tylenol or like brand.  I read about Yogi’s Moon Cycle though which combats all the usual pms symptoms.  I just made a cup and it’s quite delightful – a very heavy cinnamon smell and tasty.  The box says: To help balance hormones and support your reproductive system, drink 1 to 3 cups per day. During premenstrual days, drink 4 to 5 cups throughout the day.  I will be doing this for the next few days and let you know how it goes.

You can get Yogi Teas at some supermarkets, but most likely your organic/fancy gourmet grocer will have it.  Boxes are around $5-$6 and have 16 bags.  A bit pricey, but well worth it. If you buy from Amazon, see links above, you  need to buy in bulk but it comes down to less than $3 a box (free shipping with Amazon Prime which I love), a great deal.


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