What’s in my freezer?

Inspired by Other People’s Pantries, I present you with: What’s in my freezer?

I desperately want a french door, bottom freezer refrigerator, but until I get there, I will just use my boring basic one.

Here it is:

photo 1.JPG

It’s pretty clean right now to be honest.  We got from L-R: Kosher Pizza (not so good), Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Fries (I bought these but haven’t tried them yet), Burritos on the Go, Vegetable Dumplings.  Then the meats: Leftover Turkey (maybe for dinner tonight), Pepper Jack Steak, 1 Chicken Breast (note to self: stock up), Multiple Ground Chickens, Pork Loin, Smoked Salmon pieces.  The big bag to the right is filled with 1 pound bags of ground beef.   It’s always more economical to buy a larger package of meat and then break it up into individual bags.  And most importantly to the complete right: Mr. Bump – a cute icepack for those little bumps during the day.

Up top are ice cube trays, they’re all filled with water, but one is filled with tomato paste.  Then on the top right shelf is our garden goods.  We have frozen tomato sauce, frozen tomatoes and many  bags of pumpkin puree (there will be many more in the upcoming weeks).

photo 2.JPG

The door isn’t so orderly.  We have some hot dogs, wonton wrappers, frozen vegetables (broccoli and corn I think). Then we have multiple bags of frozen fruits (bananas, strawberries, pineapple kiwi) that are used for smoothies.  We also have 1 lime popsicle, frozen cilantro cubes, many frozen pesto cubes (basil and parsley).  Lastly (but but also most importantly) we have snow leftover from blizzards that hit NYC.  Yes, we save snow. Don’t judge us.

photo 2.JPG

And the front. Lots of cuteness.

photo 4.JPG

In stranger news, I just threw all these glow sticks out that were in the freezer. :/

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