1 more day

Thanksgiving is almost here, 1 more day!

Preparations are in full gear as I’m waiting for a delivery for tables/chairs/flatware and hoping it comes soon so I can hop to the florist and get some fresh flowers.

A turkey recipe and a creamy mashed potatoes recipe – you really can’t go wrong with these! Besides that, stuffing, green bean casserole, vegetables, gravy will be made.  Friends are also bringing macaroni and cheese, broccoli rice casserole, pies, fresh bread, etc.  It will be a feast indeed!  Afterwards we’ll sit around playing board games or watching a movie while not really being able to move.  I love Thanksgiving!



6 friends. Not these friends, that would be weird.

photo 4.JPG

Google Docs planning.

photo 2.JPG

Crafts I’ve been working on for the last few days.

photo 3.JPG

A table already filled with dishes and food.

photo 1.JPG

And maybe a slice of pumpkin pie just because I deserve it. :D )

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