Wrapping Paper

I love to customize anything I can.  So this year after not finding any wrapping paper I was really in love with I decided  to make my own.  With some custom stampers (I decided to make snowmen and light bulbs), colored stamp pads and some mailing/kraft paper.. you get your own wrapping paper! I really love the simplicity of this and I love how packages look wrapped up in the brown paper, it feels more special to me. 


Here’s the stampers I made, I really didn’t have the best cutting tools but it worked out.


Here’s me stamping the paper.. with some distractions.  I literally needed to stamp around cat bodies and come back to it as for some reason all the cats wanted to lay on this paper while I was doing it.  They also thought they could lift up the stamps on the paper with their paws…


Here are the wrapped presents with my custom snowmen tags. For the light wire I just drew it with a sharpie.



I love how clean the design is as well.. plus it’s always a surprise what will end up on top when wrapping.


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