This is the time of the year when it’s non stop sweets – isn’t it amazing?
Every year we wait in anticipation for that moment.. when a mother makes cookies and sends them our way.  Matthew’s mama (hi Kimberly!) is one amazing cookie maker.  She always sends us a big ol box of peanut blossoms, m&m cookies, oatmeal and snowballs… we wait for this box, and when it arrives we can smell the heavens through the box.  Then we surround the box and attack it with a swiss army knife to open (she’s a good shipper too), and as soon as the box is opened – AHHHHHHHHHHH – magic.  There’s something always better about a mama’s cookies.

photo 5.JPG


Also a few days ago we stopped by Dekalb Market for the first time – it’s an amazing place! Sadly it’s closing tomorrow, but will be back open in Spring time.  When we first arrived there was a sign for “Fresh, Hot Donuts”.  OK YES PLEASE.  So before we left we stopped and got some.  It was $5 for 24 mini donuts! I almost only bought 6 but I was like whatever, 24 it is!  These are powdered cinnamon donuts, deep fried when you order them, so when you open that box up the steam will escape and the smell will make you giggle.  So so so so so good.  I even went back to the place and was like “OMG, SO GOOD, OMG, I LOVE YOU”.  The man was nice, but I probably frightened him a little bit.  Cuzin’s Duzin = EPIC.  Would it be acceptable for us to cater our shoots, just with donuts?

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photo 2.JPG

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