Compost Day

As you can imagine with the amount of juicing I’ve been doing, the compost buckets in the refrigerator fill up quickly.  So today, because it wasn’t freezing out like usual, we took to the roof and filled up the compost bin..

photo 1.JPG

Lots of fruit/veggie scraps waiting to turn itself into lovely soil…

photo 4.JPG

Oh,  isn’t that enticing?

photo 5.JPG

The sugar snap peas which grew to about 9 feet this year (amazing guys!) are finally done so they went into the compost too…

photo 5.JPG

Always bittersweet to see some plants come to a end..

photo 3.JPG

All that is left of the peas now is it’s velcro that was supporting it..

photo 4.JPG

Spin that composter… see you in the spring lovely soil. :)

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