Spoiled Cats and Their Heated Beds

It’s been pretty cold out recently, actually a few days ago I checked the weather at night and it said it felt like –3.  It’s really cold! Add that in with our cement loft that we live in with big windows and your toes get quite chilly walking around.  What about those pink paws though, how do you think they feel?  One of the most amazing inventions: heated cat beds!

Let me introduce you to K&H who makes heated pet beds.   When I read the reviews before buying almost everyone was saying how great they were and how their pets never left them, but I thought “That’s lovely, but my cat crew are a bit picky”… well turns out, they passed the test.  Big time!  How the beds work – they’re 4W and plug into the wall.  Once a cat walks onto the bed, the heated pad that is under it turns on and heats up to a warm 102 degrees (said to be the temperature of choice for cats).  Once the cats leave (probably never), then the bed turns off.  Another bonus is that cover is easily removable for cleaning.

We have 2 different models of the cat beds, we have the regular round one:

photo 3.JPG

This was given to FiFi Bofinkles for her 10th birthday, she’s literally always in it.  She basically traded me in at night for this bed (but she still needs her mama usually around the hours of 4-6 AM).  You can find her in here basically all day, usually in different poses:

photo 1.JPG

This is called the “just resting my chin” pose.  She looks like she’s enjoying herself, like she’s transformed her mind to another dimension.

photo 1.JPG

This is called the “haha suckers, I’m going to trip you all with my arm, or just rest it here”.

And then for Christmas Essy got her own heated cabin.  Essy has a tendency to never like presents you buy her, so I was a bit worried.  About 30 seconds after opening her Christmas present Essy dove into this bed and wasn’t seen for 72 hours (sorta serious).  The best is when you can’t find Essy and you call her name and suddenly  just a foot pops out, or sometimes her head, she’s all like “Hey, you need me? If so come here because I’m not getting out of my cabin”. 

photo 2.JPG

For the most part none of the other cats steal Essy’s cabin, but I have caught Xanadu lounging in there a few times when Essy gets up for a quick food run. Like today.  This is Xanadu who won’t look at me.  She’s under the impression that if she pretends I’m not here then I don’t see her.

photo 2.JPG

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