Hidden Animal Mugs

I found these on my internet journey and knew I had to post them.  Who doesn’t want to drink some tea and coffee and find a animal head poking out to say hello? Hey, I do. And for $21.95, we all can have one!




I also found this related item…they have 3-d winter animals/figures on the bottom!


And a bunny one!


And a cool octopus one too.. I can’t stop looking at these!


5 thoughts on “Hidden Animal Mugs

  1. There’s a local pottery painting place that has these kind of mugs. You pick which one you want and then paint it yourself. They do all the glazing and firing for you. End price: just $5. I have a zebra one and a random one with a gnome in it.

  2. It is an elderly couple that owns the place and they don’t open during the winter. Maybe if they still have them in the spring when they open up again I can grab you some and ship them. Will let ya know when they open again and I will check if you’re interested.

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