Tea Exchange

Does anyone who reads this want to do a tea exchange with me?  Maybe eventually it can be a tea club (how cool, I know!).

What’s a tea exchange? Well for those are obsessed with tea, you send someone a bunch of tea and they send you a bunch of tea. It can either be a total surprise, or you can say up front what kind of teas you really like and don’t like.  That way the person will surprise you with something you’ll love!  So then you send a couple of teas to the person in the mail, and you receive some back.

I do this with a few friends online and in real life and it always brightens up the day.  If anyone is into a tea swap exchange, then either comment or shoot me a email (click “email me” up above).

photo 2.JPG

Spent the day today catching up on tea exchange packages.



photo 5.JPG


2 thoughts on “Tea Exchange

  1. HELLO

    i just stumbled on your blog through your amazing artwork that is reed + rader. ho ho. is this offer still on because i would love to snail mail you some australian teas!!! and also i like writing letters…

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