Garden Planning 2012

Well, in just a few weeks we will need to start our seedlings for the 2012 garden. Isn’t it amazing how soon everything starts?  This year we’re going to expand a little bit more, and try to extend the season as much as possible.  The only changeup in plants is that we are adding in onions and spinach this year.    We bought all our seeds for the year last night from Johnny’s Seeds.  

Below is our plant list and garden calendar (you can see this on the sidebar as well which will be updated per planting!).   The left side has all the seeds we bought and the right side is the dates for starting the seeds and then transplanting.   Here’s to many hopeful great harvests this year! :)

photo 3.JPG



2 thoughts on “Garden Planning 2012

  1. The kids and I started our little veggie garden a week ago. We live on Maui, Hawaii, and the weather is a little cooler now. We planted Pak Choi, Bok Choy and Spinach. Happy to say the seedlings have sprouted. Now if we can just keep the insects from devouring them before we have a chance to! :-)

  2. Hey Maui. :) Keep me updated on your veggies.. we are growing spinach for the first time, will start seeds in a little over a month. We grew some pak choi (it’s still growing) but it’s pretty cold out (even in the green house) so hopefully it works out, it sure is a strong plant though! Fortunately we don’t have much of a insect problem here, they stay off the roof. ;) Good luck!

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