Tea Time

The last few days have been pretty busy with pizza machines and limited sleep, but more about that later.  One thing I have been craving during those long days is some hot tea, the love of my life.  Usually I’m a girl who uses tea bags but a friend surprised us with some loose leaf tea and it’s knocking my cat print socks off.  The flavor can be described as a tea that feels like a dessert – I know, I’ve amazed you already.  The description of this wonderland of clouds and kittens:

photo 1.JPG
It’s my dream come true: black tea (check), mint (check) and chocolate (check).  Art of Tea has some other delicious sounding teas that I’m eyeing up.

photo 2.JPG
This is literally what it looks like.  The mint is little trees and candy canes.  It makes me happy, especially on rainy days.

photo 3.JPG
A teaspoon of this and let it sit for 5 minutes with hot water, well, you have a  magical experience.

photo 5.JPG
Do you like my new cup/infuser too? Same friends got us this with the tea.  We have such good friends. And are spoiled. With delicious tea.

photo 4.JPG
This is my official  breakfast.  And then I drink another cup of this tea about 5 more times.

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