Broccoli Harvest in February + Garden Update

Read that title again.  Can you believe it? We got this broccoli harvest today – February 9.

photo 1.JPG

photo 5.JPG
Which turned into this much broccoli for dinner! Wowzas.

photo 2.JPG
We steamed it and ate it.  Boy was it good.

More garden business behind the cut. So excited for Spring!

photo 2.JPG
Today we spent a few hours cleaning up the garden and getting more things ready for the spring.  The garden continues to expand, we can’t stop ourselves.

photo 1.JPG
We filled up more boxes.  We’ll need to get some more potting mix once Home Depot gets the big bags in…

photo 5.JPG
Also pulled up all the broccoli plants today.  They were great monsters this year that well exceeded our expectations.  Good job guys. While pulling up I saw the peat cup that the seeds were originally planted in.  How romantic.

photo 2.JPG
Look at the pak choi! It’s starting to get really strong!

photo 3.JPG
It’s such a beauty…

photo 4.JPG
And our lettuce which is doing great still too..

Can’t wait, more planning posts soon!

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