Receiving Tea

And here are some lovely teas I received this week that did cause a smile.  Smiles.  Big ones.  And rumbling bellies when I smelled some of these teas.   Thanks friends. <3 <3

photo 3.JPG
Pumpkin Pie, Happy Tea and English Breakfast.  The Pumpkin Pie smells exactly how you would hope.  The English Breakfast is classic and always starts the day for me.

photo 4.JPG
Here’s a closer look at the Pumpkin Pie. Cloves, Cinnamon, Honey, Ginger and Honeybush.

photo 5.JPG
I am going to try this one for dessert tonight, but it was sent from Australia and can be described as hot chocolate – but in tea form.  Can this be true? I’m most excited to try this. The smell is sinfully good.

photo 2.JPG
Some other surprises this week.  See that Pukka chai in the bottom right? Might be a new favorite.  It reminds me of Fall, baking, fields, blankets.  It’s SO GOOD.  I’m going to get a whole box this week.

photo 1.JPG
Lots of smiles. <3

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