Blueberry Pancakes + Street Bumping

On Wednesdays we teach back to back digital photo classes at SVA.  Today after class I just wanted to come home and make some tomato soup and not leave the couch, but while walking down 3rd Avenue a woman stopped and then slapped me in the shoulder and then started to yell at me “Miss! Don’t run into me”.  I was really confused because 1-why did she just hit me? 2-I didn’t run into her so why is she yelling at me? 3-seriously did she just hit me?  I just sort of looked at her stunned and then kept walking, including past a woman pushing a large suitcase who I assume was the person who was supposed to get the hit in the shoulder.  I also thought she could just be crazy so I didn’t want to continue this.

That led me to Joe Jr’s Diner where I talked to myself into getting blueberry pancakes (and bacon) and finishing every bite.  It was real good.  But I feel real guilty now.

Wednesday blues. berries.

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG

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