Sugar Snap Pea Planting

Well today was pretty nice out so we decided to plant a few days earlier than the planned Feb 20th.  We planted 2 rows of sugar snap peas, and in about 2 weeks we will plant 2 more rows.  Hopefully we’ll be swimming in peas in the spring.

photo 1.JPG
Here are the rows ready to be filled in.  They’re calling out for peas. “Peas, Peas, Where are you”?”

photo 3.JPG
Peas: “We’re here, in a bag, save us”.

photo 4.JPG
Peas: “We’re planted! Bury us!”

photo 2.JPG
Matthew: “YAY!” He was very excited for today. He woke up and it was all about peas.

photo 5.JPG
Peas: “Look at us all! One big family!”

photo 1.JPG
Peas: “Oh, what is that liquid? It smells a bit funny.”

photo 2.JPG
Peas: “OOOOH, AHHH, it’s cold but it feels good!”  MMM, compost juice makes healthy plants!

photo 3.JPG
Peas: “Good night!”

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