Spring is coming! Seeds update.

Can you feel it? It’s almost Spring. It’s February 27.  Happy reasons: YAY GARDEN! Sad reasons: Where is my blizzard?  I guess I have to have one or the other.. so garden time.  Here is a update on the seeds that we have been growing inside, these will be transplanted outside in a few weeks.

photo 1.JPG
Onions are looking strong.

photo 3.JPG
18 healthy broccoli plants here, growing tall already.

photo 2.JPG
8 kale plants, all pretty fellows.

photo 4.JPG
Here they are, working on their tan.  They have tough lives.

We have been cleaning up the garden and getting things ready. Since we built new boxes we need alot (20-25 2.5 cu. ft. bags!) of potting mix but unfortunately the giant bags aren’t in yet.  Thankfully we live just 2 blocks from Home Depot where we stalk daily.  Like this picture here, me creeping along the loading dock wondering if there is potting mix back there.  I told Matthew we should just show up everyday and volunteer to unload the trucks for them.

A little update on the Window Farm too….

photo 5.JPG
We moved it over to the window where it can get some real sunlight this year.  We still have the artificial light there for some backup.  The lettuce (bottom right) wasn’t looking so good, but with the added sunlight it’s bounced back.

photo 1.JPG
Here is the lettuce.

photo 3.JPG
Yummy basil. Smells so good.

photo 2.JPG
Also cilantro. I love cilantro, but you have to grow so much to get a decent amount.

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