Pineapple Moment

I’m having a pineapple moment. All I want is pineapple. Today I had pineapple pizza for lunch.  Actually I had 2 slices of pizza, and a Diet Coke to make the meal healthy.  ;) It was so good, and only 6 dollars which is a bargain in Midtown!

photo 4.JPG

Then once I got home hours later I had a pineapple craving again.  So I cut up Mr. Pineapple, threw 2 pieces on top of the stove to medium/high heat and browned both sides, it took about 8 minutes.  Some people like to add sugar to the pineapple but I think it’s already sweet enough.  Heating up the pineapple changes the feeling of the snack, it tastes more hearty all of a sudden.  I think that’s just my eyes tricking my belly, but that’s ok.  Try it!

photo 5.JPG


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