Morning Time Tea

If you read Meowzas then you know I love some dark tea.  One thing I was missing in my life though was a fancy teapot,  something to brew my tea in and then delightfully pour into cups.  I have been ebaying/etsying for the perfect one until I found this last week and immediately placed a bid: a cat teapot.  Not just any cat teapot, but one that has a striking resemblance to our Brother Bear.  photo 3.JPG

Let’s make some English Breakfast to start our day off… (btw I’m currently sipping cup 2 of this pot right now – so good).

photo 2.JPG
You’ll need: teapot, teacup, infuser, tea, and spoon.

photo 4.JPG
You’ll also need boiling hot water from your tea kettle as well.

photo 3.JPG
Spoon up your loose tea (or bags if you want) and put into pot, I like to do a pretty big spoonful per cup I will drink.  Here I am making 3 cups worth (all for me!).

photo 5.JPG
Then pour in the water, put the lid on after you take a pretty picture of the steam.

photo 2.JPG
Then wait 3-5 minutes depending on your tea.  Bofinkles showed up to check out this new cat.

photo 4.JPG
Then pour it, the infuser will catch the loose tea leaves.  This picture was tricky, my arms were tangled. I was pouring the tea with my left hand because I needed to take a picture with my right hand. 

photo 5.JPG
Enjoy! Add sugar, milk, honey or have it plain. :)

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