Rhododendron Planting

We got our first rhododendron plant yesterday.  I hulked up and carried it home, it was heavy.  Everyone wants to talk to you on the street while you are carrying home a big shrub too.  They don’t see that I’m out of breath, I’m going to fall over and I can’t see in front of me.  I gave some shouts of “Thank you, yes, it is beautiful!”,  “Yes, it will be blooming soon!”, “Yes, rhododendron!” and to the man who kept telling me that it was his plant “No sir, (laugh  nervously) this is indeed my plant I bought”.  

This is a reenactment of me carrying it home. Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?

photo 2.JPG

photo 1.JPG

photo 4.JPG
I can’t wait to see it bloom with color.  I picked out the soft pink version.  It was all the way in the middle surrounded by purplish and white ones. I needed that pink one!

photo 3.JPG
Now it’s in it’s own pot.  I will be posting more as it blooms.

Here’s some random inspiration images I found. This is my dream. ONE DAY.


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