Sugar Snap Peas Fence

A few days ago we put up the sugar snap pea fence that will help them latch on and grow to great heights.  If you remember last year the peas grew to over 8 feet.  This year we doubled the seeds and will  be growing 2 boxes of sugar snap peas, so we had to make a double fence.   This of course took some time, a ladder and shouts of Matthew constantly saying “Can you put down your phone and hold the ladder so I don’t fall and die”.  Touché.

photo 5.JPG

photo 4.JPG
Short shorts indeed, he has biker legs too, I’m sorta jealous.  I’m also not sure if he’s smiling or fearful here because I am not holding the ladder and saying “Hey Bippy, look at the camera, smile for me”.  Or maybe he’s annoyed.

photo 1.JPG
There it is! The fence is up!

photo 2.JPG
Grow peas.. grow!

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