Post Lecture

The lecture went good.  We talked for a little over an hour, tried to make some jokes (hopefully they made others giggle), and showed our work from Pittsburgh days to the future.  We’d like to thank the folks at SVA who invited us to talk, as well as friends and strangers (but now friends!) who came out to support and listen. 

Just some random pictures I took of the event.

photo 1.JPG
We got there and saw this.  This is funny, and I blushed, and then I took a bunch of pics/gifs of it.  It sorta looked like a blingee. I’d like to think that SVA made a special blingee for us for this evening.

photo 3.JPG
Computer, iPad – overall it went smooth.

photo 4.JPG
One of our beginning slides… I didn’t have time to update my hair on this! Or maybe I am just living with hopes that one day I will be blue again.

I found these pictures on Twitter (thank you!), now I’m going to tell a story with them.




Night time lights!

Thanks all! :)

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