Lotto Frenzy

Did you get caught up in the Mega Millions lottery frenzy? Did you think you were going to be win millions and take over the world?  Did you get that feeling an hour before the drawing that this was going to be the last hour of your life in a lower tax bracket because once 11PM hit, this was it for you?   After you did not win, were you feeling disappointed? Did you wonder why it wasn’t you , after all, you sure had a feeling this was going to be it? Yeah, me too! I looked it up and I guess people have lottery depression, it’s the feeling when you realize you didn’t win  AH, I didn’t even have more than 1 number on a line.

I thoughtfully did one whole card with my lucky numbers (cats birthdays), and one quick pick.  Then I took them to 7-11 to get my cards made. I thought 7-11 would be best because I really like the guys who work there and I’m in love with their breakfast egg sandwiches (seriously).  After I won the jackpot, I figured I would throw a celebration at 7-11, have nonstop breakfast sandwiches coming from the microwave (power 2- 30 seconds), and I would even throw a envelope of cash to the 7-11 guy who filled up my card.  I would throw it to him slyly though, almost a secret, then I would bask in the glory as he hugged me.    This all sorta changed when I gave the 7-11 employee my debit card to pay for my ticket and he told me the lottery only accepts cash. OH, I didn’t know this.  So I told him to hold my tickets, let me go buy some goods and I would get cash back. So then I went and bought breakfast sandwiches (seriously) and pizza (seriously). Then I bought my ticket.   So that was Thursday, I had a full day to reflect on what I would do with my millions… I was thinking a farm, a cat sanctuary, sending Matthew to space, buying my dad his dream car, lots of shoes, and free tacos for all my friends.  Oh and Sallie Mae would get her share too.

photo 1.JPG

photo 1.JPG
Ok, 1 minute, 24 seconds before my life would be changed.  I was reading everyones tweets saying they were going to win too.  Whatever, I thought, this was all mine.

photo 2.JPG
Ok, the first one.. what is this.. 16? 46? Slow down ball. Matthew, quick, write down the numbers. I couldn’t breathe, my hands were clammy, this was it!

photo 3.JPG
I lost. I lost bad. I lost $10.   SIGH.

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