Garden Update

It was 85 degrees out today.  WHAT.  Let me say that again. It was 85 degrees out today.  Craziness.  Is it going to be a super hot summer? Should I prepare the 100SPF and ice packs in advance to lather all over my body? Please just let our beans grow!

The garden is exploding, besides the beans not showing up (yet, hopefully), everything else is looking marvelous.  Let’s see..

This is one giant lettuce plant.  He’s on top of the spinach as well. The spinach is like “move it”. The lettuce is like “no”.
photo 1.JPG
This is 3 other giant lettuce plants. I have no idea where to water because I can never see the soil.
photo 2.JPG
I excitedly picked our first lettuce leaves today.. going to enjoy them tonight for dinner!
photo 4.JPG

Kale: Beautiful. Although I think it wants the temperature to go down a bit.
photo 2.JPG

Sugar Snap Peas: Starting the Climb..
photo 4.JPG

Onions: Strong! Green! Kinda amazing to watch them grow. Note: Staples in background are supposedly “rust resistant”. Whatever.
photo 3.JPG

Carrots: Got their first true leaves!
photo 1.JPG

Strawberries: Bushy, Lots of flowers. Hold on guys, soon!
photo 2.JPGphoto 1.JPG

Broccoli: Love of my life, so big.  This is literally one plant. And one red hand.
photo 3.JPG
Broccoli again because I’m in love. You have no idea.
photo 3.JPG

Rhododendron: About to bloom!!
photo 5.JPG

Happy Gardening Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Aww thank you Mette! It’s alot of fun, I can just spend hours on the roof and the rest of the world kind of disappears. I love it. :)

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