Seedlings Update

Wow! Look at these seedlings all grown up now.  Ever since we transplanted the tomatoes into bigger cups they have exploded to new heights.  Today they even got a day of real sunlight on the roof.  We’ll be planting them in their official homes in the next week or 2.  Check the tomatoes out 1 month ago, then compare to below. YEAH!

Here’s the tomatoes inside a few days ago:

Is there anything better than the smell of tomato leaves?

Today, in the sun. The tomatoes are about 14 inches high already. WOO WOO.
photo 1.JPG

Eventually they got a little shade roof above them:
photo 1.JPG

And what about those pumpkins and watermelon..

I had to play the role of killer and pick my favorites.  Fortunately/Unfortunately, they each had 2 healthy seeds.

Sorry little guys but you will live on in my heart.

The Pumpkin Pie pumpkin has such big leaves already, I’m in love with it.

The pumpkins and watermelon got some sun too.. they’ll be moving soon as well.

Good job seedlings! :)

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