The Victory Garden Cookbook

Please let me introduce a friend you are going to be seeing often in the next few months, The Victory Garden Cookbook.  It just arrived today and I was so excited I set up delivery notification to text message me when UPS delivered it.   In my never ending search to explore our harvest and use everything we grow, sometimes you can become a bit bored by the usual salad or tomato sauce, this book here solves everything.  It has over 800 recipes, all arranged by vegetable.  It has a great Index in the back too so you can quickly search “pizza” and it gives you multiple options to get your vegetables in it.  I’m already exploding with ideas so stay tuned for some (many) recipes from this book.  The book is out of print but if you’re interested in it you can buy it on Amazon, I got mine used for $14 with Amazon Prime.

Here are some pictures..

I am not familiar with Marian Morash as this book was published when I was 1 year old, but I’m ready to become her best friend. 

photo 2.JPG
The back of the book. SWOON.

photo 4.JPG
Handy contents page, you can see everything is organized.  It makes me want to plant more. AHHH.

photo 3.JPG
Every section starts out with a lovely picture.  Then it goes on to describe basics of cooking this vegetable.  After that, it’s pages of recipes.

photo 2.JPG
Here are some pumpkin recipes.  Pumpkin scramble – are you kidding me! Omg.

More behind the cut, of course. I can’t control myself.

photo 1.JPG
Here’s the broccoli section.   Will any of these defeat the broccoli and cheese soup that has my heart?

photo 5.JPG
Beans! Bean soup, fresh beans, bean casserole, beans that I don’t even understand (yet).

photo 4.JPG
You probably know I don’t like onions, but we are growing them.  This is probably going to change my life regarding onions. We need to grow garlic too, why aren’t we growing garlic?

photo 5.JPG
Many pages on lettuce. Today for lunch I had the lettuce wraps again. NOMS.

photo 3.JPG
Hope you enjoyed these pictures, I will be sharing recipes throughout the summer and fall season….. get ready!

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