Garden Expansion

I make a list of topics to talk about on the blog because I have a bad memory.  This usually goes on a big piece of brown paper that hangs next to my desk on the wall.  It has work projects on it too, which means I can never escape from them.  One that has been haunting me for the past few weeks is “Garden Expansion”.  So today, without any further wait, let me show you how we’ve been expanded a bit and gotten the garden more ready for prime time season. This is what Garden Expansion now looks like on my list. :)

photo 1.JPG
A few weeks ago when it was warmer than what it is today we went to Home Depot to buy more PVC pipes.  The tomato cage that surrounds the tomatoes  needed to be built.  This encloses all the tomatoes together as well as acts as support for a wall of wind blocker fabric which will wrap around.  We just got the fabric yesterday after being back ordered, it’s 8 feet by 500 feet.  It’s so big it didn’t even come in a box but in a green plastic container.  Hoping this will easily last the rest of the year and maybe next.

photo 2.JPG
We also then straightened up the entire space and got the other boxes in order of where they were going to go.  I’d say this is pretty close to all the boxes, size of what’s going down this year.  There’s some off to the side you’re missing which might be home to the pumpkins or watermelon.  We’ll be transplanting those soon.

photo 1.JPG
Then last week we baked 2 big batches of brownies. Just kidding. I wish. Could you imagine? I could.  Anyways.  This past weekend we filled up the tomato bins with their potting mix, perlite, nutrients and then sealed them up.  So now they’re all ready for the tomatoes and peppers which will be planted very soon.  Currently the tomatoes/peppers are on the roof hardening off, getting strong for the summer.

More pictures behind the cut.


photo 2.JPG
This is Matthew carrying home the PVC pipes from Home Depot.  Home Depot is the best. I know I say that alot, but really, I love them.

photo 2.JPG
More from when the tomato cages were being built.  Tip: If you are doing container gardening, look on craigslist or thrift shops for plastic containers people are getting rid of, this will save you much money! We got those big totes off someone moving on Craigslist, they were $20 for 9 of them, they’re 30 galloons. An amazing deal! Also we carried them home and I couldn’t move my arm for days.

photo 1.JPG
Another back shot.  The green house off to the right is pretty much housing supplies right now.  We have collected so many bins during the last few years too. Recycle!

photo 3.JPG
Perlite, pretty and light!

photo 4.JPG
There will be 5 containers for the tomatoes and peppers this year.  It will go like this: One bin for 2 cherry tomato plants, One bin for 2 beef tomato plants, Two bins for 4 Plum/Roma tomato plants, One bin for 2 green pepper plants.  Last year there was 9, this year there will be 10.  Yay.

photo 5.JPG
Then we wrap plastic around the top, this seals in the moisture which helps greatly in the summer.  Bonus, I also found this plastic.  We usually buy it but someone threw it out on our floor, so I got it.  Amazing savings!

photo 3.JPG
Here’s the containers waiting for their tenants!

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