Hello Broccoli!

If you read this blog you know I have a crush on our broccoli.  You also know that I sing and dance around it, and give it daily pats of encouragement.  I think it’s paid off… because today… this is what… I saw!!

The winds this week have been pretty intense and you might be aware that wind is our worst enemy when it comes to gardening (and my hair).  Wind has killed pumpkins, ripped down beans, broken tomato branches, but what do you do when there’s 40 mph winds on a roof with fragile plants? Really not much you can do, I can only stand in one spot to attempt to wind block for so long (just kidding, maybe).  So it saddens me to see some broccoli leaves broken. The plants themselves are fine, but I would love to see these monstrous guys protected from everything.  <3
photo 1.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 4.JPG

Go Broccoli, go!
photo 1.JPG

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