Afternoon in the Park

Saturday was spent with a early lunch in the park.  This was a celebration of saying goodbye to a friend who will be moving away, hoping we’ll all see each other soon again.  Besides high fives and hugs, there was some yummy food on hand too.  I made corn tomalito (corn pudding) – super yum, I’ll be posting the recipe soon.

Picnic in the park!
photo 5.JPG
photo 3.JPG

photo 2.JPG
Here’s the corn tomalito. I made 2 batches, so much that I had to use my food processor multiple times because it wouldn’t fit in it, which is ok because you know I’m in love with it.

photo 4.JPG
Here’s Matthew with his beloved A&W Root Beer.

photo 1.JPG
Fort Greene Park is a lovely park in Brooklyn.  The park includes the high ground where the Continental Army built Fort Putnam during the American Revolutionary War. Although we live nearby, we don’t spend enough time here.. it’s gorgeous!

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