Random Kitty Friends

Today we met many new kitty friends, all within a few blocks.  All the cats were resting in shade and napping the afternoon way, it was a hot one.  They were all super friendly with kisses when we called them over, what nice new friends!

New kitty friend!
This kitty was so sweet, and had such a fluffy tail.  When I tried to leave..
photo 1.JPG
It plopped down and gave me it’s belly, it killed me!

photo 2.JPG
Eventually we had to leave and it followed us, tail up, for half a block. *SWOON*

photo 3.JPGphoto 2.JPG
This other kitty (not the same one) had a sweet little meow and gave me some good leg kisses and head bumps.

photo 1.JPG
This kitty said it was too hot out and just continued to lay there.

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