Green Beans – Hello!

We just picked our first green beans! We’ll be having them tonight along side some BBQ Chicken Sandwiches.  I can’t wait! Green Beans haven’t been easy for us in the past.  The first year our bush beans grew pretty pathetically and I think we got less than 5 beans total.  They really just didn’t grow at all.  Then last year we had extreme heat, then we thought the beans were going to make a comeback, but then Hurricane Irene struck and took them out.  So this year, we’re beyond happy to see a whole box of beans growing tall, and look at all the beans we pulled just yesterday!  This is literally just the base of the plant.. we have about 10 more feet of beans to slowly pick… YAY!
\photo 1.JPG
We picked a carrot too:
photo 2.JPG
And to understand how big these beans are, size comparison:
photo 3.JPG

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