Chinese Green Beans

I love Chinese food.   You should know this about me.  I love having lunch at our local Chinese restaurant where they serve crispy noodles and duck sauce and don’t glare at me when I ask for seconds or thirds.   So today while contemplating what to do with our fresh green beans for lunch, I decided to sauté them up and serve over rice.  I’m  so happy I did, what a keeper this recipe is! In less than 20 minutes, less if you aren’t making rice, you will have a delicious meal.
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Full recipe behind the cut.

Servings: 2
1 and a half teaspoons sesame oil
1/2 pound green beans (cut the ends off)
1 carrot (optional)
1 clove garlic, cut up
1 and a half teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon oyster sauce

Wash your beans and carrot.  Peel your carrot. Carrots are optional but I think it’s a great addition.
Start cooking your rice if you are serving rice with this dish.
Heat a large pan to medium/high heat, heat up your sesame oil.
Once the pan is hot, add in your garlic and sauté until brown.
Add your green beans, cook for 5 minutes.
Stir in oyster sauce, soy sauce and sugar. Mix around.
Cook for 3-5 more minutes, until they’re done how you like.
Serve – enjoy!

photo 1.JPG
Grab your green beans out of the fridge. Hug them, they’re beautiful.

photo 2.JPG
Wash them, a carrot too!

photo 3.JPG
Your cast of characters.

photo 4.JPG
Cut up your carrot.

photo 5.JPG
Add to pan and sauté.

photo 1.JPG
Once tender, add other ingredients: sugar, oyster sauce, soy sauce.

photo 2.JPG
Mix them all up.

photo 5.JPG
Easy! Done! Delicious!

Serve with some miso soup if you’d like.  You can make it from scratch or buy it.  I love these packets.

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