One Surprise Tomato Plant

Here’s a tip, don’t compost seeds.  So if you are composting tomato guts, remove the seeds first.  Why? Because if you use that compost as soil in your garden you mind get surprise tomato plants.  Here’s what happened.  Somehow months ago when we were moving the composted soil into the boxes, a seed decided to make a home.  How old is it? No idea.  What tomato plant from what year is it from? No idea.   I’d like to think this is a testament to how much we care for our garden, that we even have a successful tomato plant growing when we didn’t even plant it.   So we’re letting it go.. and letting it make tomatoes.  Amazing, isn’t it?
photo 5.JPG
Yup, it’s growing out of the side of the box.
photo 3.JPG
Yup, it has tomatoes on it!
photo 2.JPG
Good job guy.
photo 1.JPG

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